Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fall Field Trip

These are the pumpkins we grew in our little pumpkin patch (not the fake jack o' lantern, it's from Target)

Here's another homegrown pumpkin family.

There used to be a holly bush here, but Pete started trimming it... and it just kind of went away. It won't be missed. I'm not a big fan of holly. Sure it's pretty, but they attract swarms of bees in the spring (not something you want at your front door!), and I still remember the holly sticker my dad had to dig out of my foot when I was three.

The two tall bushes are also holly... they're NEXT!! I will probably plant some nice flowers in their place.

Elijah had his first field trip today!!! He got to ride on a school bus (another first) to the CMOE. Apparently, the face painting was set up today. Elijah told me this morning that he was going to draw a cat's face on his face, so I guess that's what he did.

Hannah drew this butterfly on her face without any help!! Pretty impressive :)


Anonymous said...

Hannah is so talented! She's certainly your artist, isn't she!