Monday, January 12, 2009

Tonsilectomy, day 6

Elijah is doing so much better! I took him to school today and told his teacher to call me if he got too tired or grumpy. I got that call about two hours later, lol. However, he only took a couple of doses of Tylenol, and has been pretty happy. Right before bed he started to lose it, but that's not too uncommon for him anyway. He takes his last dose of antibiotic tomorrow, and I'll be glad to be done with that!


Mrs. Troop said...

Look at your blog! How fun! And the tonsils - what a bummer! Hope he's doing lots better.
Your kids are darling - it's wonderful to "see" you!

Laura McIntyre said...

Poor Elijah , its been some journey you have all been on. Hope he is feeling even better today