Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tonsilectomy, day 4

There WERE good parts of today, but the bad parts were pretty bad. Elijah's screaming refusal to take Tylenol at 6:30 were enough to wake Pete up, and that's really saying something. He no longer likes the Pediasure, and he just wants to eat real food. After the Tylenol kicked in he decided he'd try to eat a piece of cold, cheese pizza. He ate 3/4 of a slice, and I was pretty impressed. Who needs Pediasure if you can eat pizza??? At 10:15 (15 min before he needed to take more Tylenol) I came up with a brilliant plan to go buy some chewable Tylenol. If the kid can eat pizza he can chew a chewable pill!! Trying to get him into the car as his pain reliever was wearing off was not my smartest idea. He didn't want help with his jacket, but he couldn't get it on, so I helped him. SCREAMING. I took his jacket off and told him to do it himself. MORE SCREAMING. Then I start yelling. Hannah tried to help him get his jacket on, but she was having trouble. I end up putting his jacket on him and everyone out to the van and stuffed into their car seats. We drove the 1/2 mile to Walgreens and started the search for children's Tylenol. They have hidden the stuff. It's not in the 'pain relief' section, it's in it's own display right in front of the pharmacy. I was hoping to have some flavor options, but bubble gum was all they had (he hates grape, and apparently hates the 'very strawberry' that the liquid comes in). When I picked up the box, Elijah started panicking... not what I wanted to happen in Walgreens. When we got home, I insisted that he take the chewable Tylenol, and he doesn't like it, but he does take them. At least there wasn't any screaming that time. So, the chewables were a fine idea. Later, when it was time for the next dose, he'd just woken from a nap, but he did okay. At dinner he ate mac & cheese which was pretty exciting for him (poor kid). The pre-bed Tylenol didn't go so well because he was distracted by Pete playing the Wii and he dropped a pill and it rolled under the couch. I yelled, he cried, then he was in pain and couldn't calm down enough to take the darn things. It was a rough day, and I wasn't feeling very good (and certainly had zero patience). He did go to bed without a fuss, though he's in MY bed. Tomorrow is the dreaded day 5. I don't think there is any chance I will be taking him to church, he can just stay home with Pete! Of course, then Hannah says, "I want to stay home too..." She's just afraid they'll play the Wii without her. We'll see what tomorrow brings!


Mommy Bee said...

I remember when my little brother had his tonsils out...he was a very easy going kid though, and mostly laid around eating jello and popscicles. I remember when i had my wisdom teeth out though, and that's probably more comparable!
My older son is no good at being sick either--we've been known to just plug in movie after movie all day long to get him to lay on the couch. We even bribed him with a new toy once to get him to take a nap. You're in the home stretch now though--maybe try ibuprofin as well as tylenol? I've heard that trading off between them can be more effective than just using one. I usually get one of them in a "PM" form and use one for days an one for nights.