Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Leah is 18 months old (a couple of days ago!)

Leah had her 18 month shot-only and weigh-in visit to the doctor's office. The last time we saw the doctor he asked that when we came in for this shot that I ask the nurse to weigh her as well because she's been gaining weight V-E-R-Y slowly. Leah weighed a whopping 20.6 lbs, up from 19.75 lbs 3 months ago. She'd only gained a couple of ounces between 12 and 15 months, so this is a considerable jump for her. She's our tiniest kid so far!! I like to spread out the shots, so Leah only got one shot today. She got her first dose of the polio vaccine.

Leah is amazingly smart! Pete and I think she's smarter than the other two, and if you've met either of them, you know that's pretty impressive.

Leah is teething her canines right now, and all 4 of them are just below the surface... and are making her miserable! Her molars just finished coming in so that's been a bit rough. Thankfully, we should be done with teething for a few months at least, then we have to get through those 2 year molars :(


Lori Beth said...

this teething thing is for the birds! Kelsey's molars are in except one on the top is not fully in yet and her bottom canines I expect to break though anyday. Leah looks so grown up with all her hair now. Amazing how fast these ast 18 months have flown by.

Anonymous said...

That's just exactly what Delaney was at 18 months - around 20.5 lb, give or take. She was in like 75%tile+ through about 6 months, then dropped off the charts after a year. She's >5th %ile, but who's counting LOL She really looks like a mix of both kiddos, doesn't she? If she's the smartest, you a Pete better stop now! You all are hoarding all the baby brains! :)