Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tonsilectomy, day 5

Today was much, MUCH better than I expected. Some of that probably has to do with the fact that I left Elijah home with Pete when I took the girls to church. I had an almost 4 hour break from the whining, which was nice :) Pete and Elijah sat on the couch and played the Wii for most of that time... Elijah is taking the Tylenol chewables much better now, and tonight even admitted to liking them. He also doesn't need them quite as often, which is nice. I think tomorrow I'll try to go 6 hours between doses. Oh how I wish he could take ibuprofen! It works so much better and lasts hours longer than Tylenol... but it's not good after surgery (or before) because it can cause bleeding. It's not a blood thinner like aspirin, but I believe it's a vasodilator... it's been a while since I studied all that! Hopefully, he won't wake up at 5am like he did this morning. That was a killer! Leah woke up as well because I wasn't there in bed next to her to keep her warm. Anyway, day 5 was a breeze :) He's not supposed to go back to school until Wednesday, but *maybe* I'll send him tomorrow. Pete thinks he needs a couple more days relaxing, and he's probably right... Mentally, he's ready to get back to school!!!


Knotty Britta said...

That's so sad!!!!!!!! I wish I could tell you what to do to manage the pain. If you want to rub on his feet go all around his toes and about an inch down from their base all around, the top too. That covers a ton of stuff and should help!