Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More snow!!

After a layer of ice and a small layer of snow, we had 16 hours of freezing rain followed by 6 inches of snow! Thankfully, our power stayed on!!! We do have some MAJOR damage to our trees though. It's a good thing we had our trees trimmed this summer or it would have been a whole lot worse.

When I took these, I had no idea that we had 6 inches of snow ON TOP of however much ice (2 inches??)

You can see the trees bent over, and not doing so well.

Our littel sugar maple is doing well, but I think it's the only tree on our property that is!!

Out the side door... that pink thing is an Easter basket bucket that Hannah left out to collect snow...

Out the back door. The shrubs are practically laying on their sides, but I think they may perk back up when they thaw.

Our poor crab apple tree!! I had a feeling it wasn't going to fair well...

More crab apple damage. Our dogwood (not pictured) doesn't look great either, but it's smallish so hopefully will recover.

Our crab apple "fort". Too bad it isn't safe to play in!!


Lori Beth said...

I know it must freezing, but the pictures do look beautiful with all the snow- a true winter wonderland! Sorry for your trees though. :-(

Mrs. Troop said...

That's amazing!
We had ice, but nothing like that and very little snow.
Wonderful pictures!