Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tonsilectomy, day 2

I'm now pretty sure that the reason that Elijah ran around like a crazy man all day yesterday had to do with his pain medication. He was taking Lortab every 4 hours, and it certainly was helping alleviate his pain! Last night when it wore off at 1:30am, he was asleep so I didn't give him anymore. He slept MUCH better after it wore off. He would cry out after a cough, but he did that while medicated. He had a little bleeding last night, and I'm thinking that all the activity probably caused it. We could NOT get him to stop talking or moving in the evening. I sent Pete to Walgreens at 5am for children's Tylenol so we could stop using the Lortab... It all seems to finally be catching up with the little guy. He couldn't eat his yogurt this morning, but he was able to take his medicine and drink some Pediasure. After the Tylenol kicked in he ate a little applesauce as well. He is, however, dancing around the living room right now...