Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nap and Hair pictures

This picture was taken on Monday, after Leah's doctor visit. She ended up falling asleep a few minutes later. Elijah doesn't nap very often any more, but he woke up an hour early on this day, and ended up crashing after lunch. Leah is cuddled up with Hannah's jacket, of all things :)

The hair pictures need a little intro, I think. I've started reading a couple of hair blogs, like She Does Hair and The Story of a Princess and Her Hair. A few weeks ago, I didn't even know there WERE hair blogs... however, Hannah is one of those girls who loves to be pretty, so I thought I'd try my hand at one of these girly styles. Now mind you, this is a first attempt, AND I didn't use any product in her hair (I didn't HAVE any gel or whatnot).

Here's the top.

The side (she slept with the top part done, so it's kind of messy already)

The back.

It was pretty cute, if I do say so myself :) Today, she requested "twisty braids", but I didn't take a picture. I did use gel in those!!

Leah is getting back to her old self... destroying the house and whatever is within her reach. She still wants to be carried alot, and hasn't even tried to climb the stairs. I know she's still pretty tired because she took a 90 minute nap this morning! I'm glad to have my healthy baby back, even though it's more difficult to watch her this way :)


Laura McIntyre said...

Hair blogs , seriously? Will need to check them out and get some new ideas for Rebecca's hair. Hannah looks adorable with the styles.