Friday, October 17, 2008

Baby or Dustmop?

There will be NO picture since I don't want the world to actually see the proof of what a terrible housekeeper I am.

Leah was sick for about 10 days, and the last week of that she didn't crawl around the house at all. Since I was typically holding a sick baby, I didn't sweep (sure blame the baby, I probably wouldn't have swept anyway!!). Yesterday was one of the first days where she really crawled around like usual, and her pants got FILTHY! Not just a little dirty, but really, REALLY dirty. She was covered in dirt, dried grass & leaves that had been tracked in, and who knows what else. I never realized that my crawling baby was actually a pretty decent dustmop who kept the floor a little cleaner just by crawling on it.

Today, I swept and swiffered the downstairs (upstairs is carpet), and yes, it was a disgusting pile of hair, dirt, crumbs, etc! Hopefully, Leah will stay a bit cleaner today.