Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Costumes 2008 and couple of other pictures

The kids had their school Halloween party on Saturday, so I took some pictures of them in their costumes (Leah was napping, so I didn't dress her up... poor baby had to hang out in the Ergo backpack during the party)

Here's Princess Hannah (that's 3 years in a row that she's been a princess!) and Thomas the Tank Engine.

Earlier in the day, I gave Elijah some "sticky up" hair (yes, Vanessa, I totally stole your word!)

Here's Dr. Sticky-up-hair checking his patient's heartbeat. Look at Leah staring into his eyes!

This is from today. Leah has another fat lip :( She was busily destroying the house and climbed into a box where she was playing happily... then she tried to climb out. I heard the thunk and the scream, and I must have picked her up before the bleeding really started because I didn't see any blood until it was all over my shirt. She was, of course, wearing a white shirt, but managed to only get a drop of blood on it. Now that I've gotten a decent look at it, it looks like the boo boo is a cut lip (as opposed to a busted labial frenum like Hannah got when I was hugely pregnant with Elijah). The bridge of her nose was red and a bit swollen as well, but she was acting fine not long after. It's a good thing that babies bounce back so quickly!!