Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hannah's 6th Birthday Party

We survived a morning at Chuck E Cheese! Actually, it wasn't bad at all. I'd never been to CEC, but the other parents told me that usually it's so crowded you can barely walk. However, I chose to have Hannah's party at 10am, and guess what, NO CROWD!!

I took a ton of pictures, but I'll try to keep it to a minimum.

Hannah, the birthday girl

Here's the cake. Hannah wanted a Littlest Petshop birthday party, but when you go to Chuck E Cheese everything has CEC on it... so, I brought the LP cake topper with us and just set it on top of CEC.

Hannah and Nadia

Ty, Kelly, Kate, Hannah, and Elijah


Nadia entraced by the game

Walker playing pinball

Ty with a big smile because I just gave him extra tokens.

Ben on a ride that my kids wouldn't even THINK about getting on. Call them cautious, fearful, whatever... they are scared of just about everything.

Hannah and Daniela playing air hockey.

Pizza time!! Walker and Hannah

Jesse, Braxton, Ty, and Elijah

Jesse and Braxton

Elle, Kate, and Ben

Ryan, Jack, and Elle

Ben and Darby

Daniela and Hannah

A great picture of Hannah when the hostess was announcing her birthday over the intercom.

Me "protecting" Elijah and Leah from Chuck E. Remember that I said that my kids were scared of everything? Well, Elijah just couldn't take the overgrown rat that showed up and marched around the party area with the rest of the kids.

Hannah blowing out the candles (with a little help from Seamus)

This is the closest we got to getting a group picture.

We opened the presents at home, and boy did she did well! Now, we get to write thank you cards!! Thanks to all the kids and parents who came and celebrated Hannah's birthday with us, we had a great time :)


Laura McIntyre said...

I wish we had a chucky cheese here they always look like great fun. Happy birthday to Hannah (and whoa 6 , how does that feel?)

Anonymous said...

Happy (almost) Birthday to HANNAH! Looks like fun...sort of LOL At least you didn't have to do any prep or clean up - can't beat that!! Wow, six years old...