Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Elijah's Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

This was taken last week, but I hadn't gotten around to sharing it yet. The work Elijah is doing is butter spreading. After he spreads the butter on the bread, he gets to EAT it!! It's one of his favorite works :)

Here's a new work where the kids pound golf tees into a pumpkin! Ms Theriac, whose class is next door to Elijah's class, invented this work. Apparently, it's a big hit with the kids (no pun intended).

This is today's field trip to the pumpkin patch. Elijah is first in line for what looks like the hay bale maze.

Yep, he's about 3 feet tall!

Elijah is the kid in the blue coat next to the teacher in gray. The pumpkin patch is pretty sparsely populated this late in the season.

Here he is on the way home... fast asleep on Miss Sarah's arm. But, it looks like he wasn't the only napper!


~Debbi~ said...

LOL, my kid did the same exact thing at school this week - pounding golf tees in to pumpkins. They also made holes in other pumpkins to put Mr. Potatohead-type body parts into. It's been all pumpkin-y this week. The playdoh smelled like pumpkin, they sang "Where is Pumpkin" and "Carve a Pumpkin" and did the Spooky Pokey this morning. I'm about Halloween'ed out!

Anonymous said...

Delaney LOVES to cut up apples and bananas...wonder why :) I think that's her favorite work! She likes the practical-life stuff.

alisaterry said...

The golf tees into the pumpkin is brilliant! I'll havt to steal that idea!