Friday, August 1, 2008

New Kitchen and Haircuts

Leah's birthday present finally arrived. I should have taken pictures of the process of constructing it! It was the most complex thing I've ever built (the entertainment center was a close second though). It arrived in a flat box and started out as just pieces of pastel colored particle board. The plastic box of hardware had broken open and there were screws and whatnot strewn throughout the packaging. It took me a good hour to unpack the box and make sure ALL the pieces were there (amazingly they were!) and another two hours to construct. It was well worth it though because all three kids just love it!!

Since school starts on August 13th (sounds a bit early to me), Elijah and Hannah got haircuts yesterday. I decided to actually pay for Elijah's instead of doing it myself, and I have to admit that it looks a lot nicer then when I do it (but it costs $14 more!!).

Hannah just got a trim though I think more got trimmed off than the requested one inch. However, she hadn't had it cut since last August so she was more than due.