Saturday, August 16, 2008

Box Pushing and Pig Tails

Elijah thoroughly enjoyed pushing Leah around the house in the box... Leah had a blast as well!

I finally got around to buying some tiny rubber bands for Leah's hair. I recently realized that her hair was long enough for pigtails. I'm impressed with the improvements that have been made to baby hair products since Hannah was a baby, these actually work!

All three kids have this kooky cowlick/part in their hair. It makes it nearly impossible to have pigtails come out even. Anyway, she looks pretty cute!! But they don't last long. Once she realizes that they are in, she pulls them right out... and tries to EAT the rubber band.


Lori Beth said...

I know how that goes... Even though Kelsey has had bows and rubber bands in her hair since 3 months old, she just started pulling them out all the time about 2 months ago and they go straight to her mouth.