Thursday, August 21, 2008

Autumn or August??

Forget that my kids started school more than a week ago, that shouldn't change the fact that it SHOULD still be summer. Look at the calendar, there is a full month before fall starts. So, why, why, WHY are the leaves in my yard starting to turn red and fall off the trees? Has the earth moved in it's orbit around the sun? Are the days suddenly shorter than a normal August day? (FYI, the amount of daylight is what causes the leaves to change colors and fall off... at least that's what I learned in school) We have noticed that now it gets dark at 8pm (I'm sure back home in Oklahoma it's still light at 9pm or even later!!), and it looks like the trees have noticed as well. I've certainly enjoyed the temperate August we've been having... but I don't look forward to the dreary gloom that is Indiana in the winter.

Sure there is still lots of green in the trees, but our lawn is also dotted with fallen leaves. I don't recall this sort of thing happening last year (or the 2 years before that), but maybe I was preoccupied with Leah... she was pretty new this time last year.


Anonymous said...

We've been having a weird August here, too. It's been ::gulp:: COOL! The pool is even too cool to swim in! August is usually our HOTTEST month.

The Broken Man said...

My wife usually gets very stressed about winter approaching as soon as the leaves start to fall - she hasn't so much this year though - perhaps she has a little to look forward to this winter!

The Broken Man