Saturday, August 16, 2008

Matching Dresses

The matching twirly dresses that I bought the girls from Hanna Anderson arrived today. I had Hannah try hers on so she could see how twirly it is. Elijah was so distraught that he couldn't have a twirly dress... "WHERE'S MY DRESS?? I WANT TO TWIRL!!!" I finally caved and let him try on Leah's dress (which is a little big on her, but definitely wearable).

I can honestly say that I never thought I'd have a picture of Hannah and Elijah in matching dresses!!

They twirled and danced with each other for a while.

Then when it was time to get dressed, they decided to SWITCH clothes with each other! I didn't think Elijah's shorts would fit on Hannah's 'junk-in-the-trunk' bottom, but they did... They will probably spend the rest of the afternoon pretending that Hannah is Elijah and Elijah is Hannah...

Did I mention that Pete has been out of town for the past week? He gets home tomorrow, and I'm thinking of leaving the country for a month or so sans kids!


Laura McIntyre said...

You know what i love best, that you let them do and document it. Such great blackmail material. I just
know my son will be doing the same
sort of things in a few years