Friday, August 8, 2008

Elijah Met His New Teacher

Here are Hannah and Elijah standing outside of THEIR school this morning. Elijah had his "interview" with his new teacher, Miss Sarah.

When we walked in, Miss Sarah greeted us and complimented Elijah on his shirt (it has a frog on it and the word 'ribbit'). She took him to the classroom while Hannah, Leah, and I waited in the office. During that 30 minutes, she showed him how to do several "works", introduced him to the class pets, explained how the classroom was set up, and where the bathroom was located. I believe one of the works was a hand washing tutorial :) Afterward they came back and took us to the classroom and showed us what he had learned.

Miss Sarah was impressed with Elijah's vocabulary, especially his knowledge of tertiary colors (aquamarine specifically). She said she was honored to be his teacher. I don't know if she realizes that we requested her to be Elijah's teacher...

I don't know that I'll get a chance to take pictures on Wednesday morning (Hannah's first day of kindergarten!!!), so I took the above picture today. I will certainly try to get some on Wednesday, at least on the front porch, but I know that the school will probably be utter chaos.