Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First Day of School!!

Today is Hannah's first day of kindergarten and Elijah's first day of preschool. They were both pretty excited this morning! Isn't this a cute picture?? Elijah wouldn't let me hold his hand once we walked through the door, he was READY to get to class. So, his drop off was super easy. Because not all first year students are as independent as Mr. Elijah, parents are not allowed to linger. That was kind of a bummer since my kid wasn't going to be throwing a screaming fit about being left... Then Hannah and I dropped off her lunchbox in the cafeteria and went to her classroom. Last year was a transition to a new teacher (Montessori students have the same teacher for three years), so this was the first time we'd seen the classroom set up the way Miss Beth wanted it. Hannah was a bit unnerved by the changes in the room (how unlike Elijah she is in that regard!!), but she saw several of her friends and that helped. I did linger for a minute until she was almost adjusted (I knew that the second her best friend, Daniela, arrived she'd forget about everything else). I left the school with just ONE child in tow. We drove to Target and did a little Elijah-free shopping. Just before lunch I'll pick up Elijah, and at the end of the school day we'll go get Hannah.

I'm very excited about Elijah's teacher, Miss Sarah. She has a classroom blog that she updates nearly every school day. Miss Beth (Hannah's teacher) isn't the computer-phobe that last year's teacher was, so maybe she'll start a blog as well.


Knotty Britta said...

Taiten starts Preschool in Sept!!!

The Broken Man said...

Glad they enjoyed it. We're quite interested in Montessori, so I will have to pop back here again!

The Broken Man

Jennifer said...

Brooke--I had Elijah in nursery on Sunday. He cracks me up--such a smart little guy! The picture of Hannah and Elijah is very cute!