Friday, November 21, 2008

School Pictures

These were taken on Hannah's 6th birthday. Wow, doesn't she look stunning!?

back row: Ms. Beth, Brody, Anika, Darby, Michelle, Madeleine, Seamus, Weston, Ms. Christa
middle row: Ryan, Zach, Connor, Jesse, Carac, Jack, Colton, Braxton, Walker
front row: Hannah, Cooper, Sloane, Daniela, Deki, Lane, Izaak

This picture captures Elijah perfectly (when he's in a good mood, of course!)

back row: Ms. Kris, Madelyn , Eva, Connor, Jenna, Naomi, Calvin, Max, Ms. Sarah
3rd row: Laith, Neha, Joey, Angela, Huda, J'masin, Ella, Gabe
2nd row: Evan, Ashton, Kesang, Elyse, Alex, Katie, Tyler
front row: Cicily, Elijah, Landon, Petra


Barb said...

What great school photos!

Kristin said...

The photos are great and your kids are adorable!

Laura McIntyre said...

I must agree , Hannah looks just stunning and Elijah is just so handsome.

Wonderful pictures