Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hannah's Progress Report - Kindergarten Fall 2008

Motor Skills - Hannah's fine motor skills are greatly improving. Many works she chooses involve small things that require more precise movements. Her handwriting is looking fantastic!

Creative Expression - Hannah enjoys all aspects of art: drawing, singing, and dancing! She loves being the class "DJ" and chooses each day to play one of the children's new favorite songs, "Put a Little Love in Your Heart" by Dolly Parton!

Science/Geography - Hannah is more into science experiments than the lessons offered on the shelf at this time. As the year progresses, more complex science lessons will be available to challenge her.

Sensorial Mathematics - Hannah's interest in numbers has exploded this year! Counting to 100 is becoming easier for her each time she chooses a bead chain and works with the golden beads. At this moment, she gets to 99 and wants to say 'one thousand' rather than 'one hundred', but she does know the difference in the quantities.

Language Literacy - Hannah's interest in language is still quite strong and enjoys writing the words after spelling them with the moveable alphabet. She's labeling her own map which is also great! She still confuses "b" and "d" and relies on forming the letters with her left and right hands to help her decipher which way each letter is formed.

Self-direction - This year I have made sure to only put one of each thing on the shelf to discourage Daniela from following Hannah around as much. She has taken Seamus under her wing and he enjoys her company and direction in math. She enjoys working with Walker who is more on her level developmentally than the other children in the class. She is a very sweet girl who loves to help out and accepts directions well.

Organizational skills - Hannah's doing wonderfully in this area which helps her in executing the big works she thrives upon.

Concentration - Again, Hannah has certainly stepped up this year and has really blossomed into a great role model in this area!

Self-Esteem - Hannah is a happy girl with a great sense of humor. I can always count on Hannah to take care of herself as well as others who need help!

Self-control - She is a role model and I am lucky to have her in class!

Social skills- Hannah gets along with everyone and has plenty of friends. She is a model of a peaceful, happy child! We recently played a game called the compliment web. During circle, I held the end strand of a piece of yarn and tossed the ball to another person and paid him a compliment. When it was Hannah's turn, I asked her to choose someone that might not get many compliments. She must have read my mind because she tossed it to the boy who has the most behavioral issues in class. She sat for a long time trying to think of something nice to say, and finally said, "I like it when you don't hit people". I couldn't have said it better myself!

Community awareness - Hannah has learned that certain jobs need to be carried out in order for our classroom to run effectively. She enjoys assisting adults and relishes the opportunity to do so. She's a big kid this year and has certainly shown the younger kids how it's done!