Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pie Night!!!

I read about the wonderful idea of Pie Night last week, and I decided to try to figure out a way to incorporate it into our lives. We already had a game night planned, so I informed our guests that it was now game night/PIE NIGHT. Everyone was just as excited as I was!! I wish I'd thought to take pictures of all the pies and guests, but we were just having too much fun :)

I got a call a mere three hours before pie night from Vanessa telling me "something horrible" had happened. She'd made a quiche for a new mom, and her one and only pie pan had not been returned yet. How could she make a pie without a pie pan? I had already filled my two pie pans, or I would have shared! Thankfully, Vanessa's mom is a GENIUS and suggested that she make a tart on a flat crust. It was AMAZING!!! Apples with plum sauce on the yummiest crust ever was a nice surprise.

Jean wanted to make a banana cream pie, but her husband vetoed that because he prefers chocolate. I believe she said it's the only flavor in his mind [sounds a lot like Pete's opinion about chocolate chip cookies... Any other cookie COULD have been a chocolate chip cookie.] She brought a scrumptious and very rich chocolate pie. It was very yummy!

I made my staple, a pumpkin pie, but I wanted to make a second pie as well (and even a third, but I only have two pie pans!). I decided that I would make the banana cream pie (pictured above sans cream). I let Pete choose between coconut cream and banana cream and he chose the later. After reading a few recipes, I concocted my own and it turned out quite nicely.

I know that I sampled all of the pies, and found them all to be quite delectable. I proclaim Pie Night was a success! The games were fun too. We played Apples to Apples which I'd never played before, and Taboo. The guys weren't so great at Taboo, so it wasn't nearly as fun as the first game. The seven kids ran around like hooligans and appeared to have a grand time as well.
On another note, I realized tonight that my kids really like country music... I've never really cared for that genre, but growing up in Oklahoma and going to college at O-State I've heard my fair share. So, I was letting the kids listen to YouTube videos and here are the songs they really liked: Dolly Parton - Wherever Forever of Love (not a song I was familiar with but it was linked to Hannah's favorite Put a Little Love in Your Heart), Lee Greenwood -I'm Proud to be an American, Tim McGraw - Live Like You Were Dying, and Joe Diffie - John Deere Green. I must be getting old because all these songs made me a little teary eyed... another reason not to listen to country music, it just takes too much out of me emotionally, lol.
Hannah's lips are now 100% better!! She will be getting an allergy test for bee stings on Monday, so that ought to be fun.


Mommy Bee said...

woohoo! Glad to be spreading around a little more of the pie love!

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Pie night? That sounds very fattening.

I posted a response to your comment in the comments section of my blog. If you check the box on your Blogger profile page to make your e-mail public, I can reply to your comments directly.

Knotty Britta said...

Great idea. I like that with just the family too.

I lived in Texas for 4 months and got all countried out. My parents love it too so I had a good dose of it growing up.