Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Elijah's Progress Report - Fall 2008

Self-direction - Elijah loves to work. He is drawn to works that end with a product [something to bring home] and he improves his process with each repetition.

Organizational skills - Elijah is careful to follow the lesson; getting things right is very important to him. If he is given a correction, he will consciously remind himself of it the next time he chooses that activity.

Concentration - Elijah is able to concentrate on his work for long periods of time. If he is interrupted, he easily picks up where he left off.

Self-esteem - Elijah is prone to "melting down" quickly to a disappointment; he is recovering much quicker now. Overall he is cheerful, friendly, and outgoing.

Self-control - Elijah struggles at times to control his impulse to speak out at circle time and can become impatient waiting for a turn at a favorite or new work.

Social skills- Elijah gets along well with all the children, particularly within his peer group. He can bring out the best in the other 3 year olds.

Motor skills - Elijah enjoys a challenge when it comes to fine motor activities. His determination to do things independently helps him to overcome initial difficulties with an activity.

Creative Expression - Art activities are intensely interesting and satisfying for Elijah!

Science/Geography - Elijah in interested in the geography activities and consistently identifies several continents. He is an active participant in our group discussions at circle time.

Sensorial mathematics - Elijah can count quantities to numerals fairly accurately, with errors occurring after 6 if at all, i.e. he may count 8 spindles into the 7 compartment. As his interest increases in this area, he will begin counting larger quantities and refining his ability to count and read teens and tens.

Language literacy - Elijah consistently recognizes [the letter sounds] a, m, s, t, b, r, f, & p and can identify them at the beginning of spoken words. His skill is well above average, and I expect his interest to wax and wane, which is age appropriate.

Summary - Elijah's enthusiasm is contagious. He has nearly mastered the classroom ground rules and enjoys full freedom within the boundaries of acceptable behavior. His mornings are well-rounded with a variety of works.