Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Leah's 15 month stats

So, forget the fact that she'll be 16 months in less than a week... Leah had her well baby check up today. She's 19 lbs 12 oz (still hasn't hit the magic 20 lbs!) and she's 30 inches long. She's in about the 5th %tile for weight and 50th for height. The nurse and doctor both asked how she was doing with solid food, and I laughed. I told them that she's really good at throwing it on the floor, chewing it up and spitting it out, and she is fantastic at eating whatever she finds on the ground!

Leah is really walking these days. She can toddle around the house quite well now, but crawling is still so much faster that she uses that mode of transportation a lot too. She recently learned how to crawl down the stairs, and she does that fairly safely.


Laura McIntyre said...

Your baby is getting so big :)

How is it having three kids
running around you then? Im
dreading when it happens to me lol

Kristin said...

Did her pediatrician have any suggestions for getting her to eat more? Our pediatrician was slightly concerned that Teslyn is in the 10th percentile for her weight and wants to make sure that she doesn't fall below that. Really, though, she's healthy overall and her weight seems fine for her. I'm sure the same is true for Leah. They are just petite.