Friday, June 6, 2008

She's Back! - June 6, 2008

Leah is much better today! Yay!!!!!

She always gets squinty when I use the flash on the camera... but here she is playing on the floor.

Here she is attacking Elijah.

Here is Elijah trying on Mr. Potato Head's glasses.

Here is a non-squinty picture of Leah (natural lighting) from Tuesday.

Finally, a picture of all three kids playing with the blocks that the Millet family sent Elijah for his birthday (it's just 8 days away!)


NessaAnn said...

She sure does look like she's back in business! Did you get your house cleaned while she was out of commission? Because the tornado looks like she's on the rampage.

Bad News: We won't be able to come to Elijah's birthday because we will be out of town. I'm so sad! Jed's first birthday party invite! Thanks so much for wanting us to come! Give Elijah an extra big birthday squeeze for us.