Thursday, June 12, 2008

Moving Up - June 12, 2008

Today I decided to let Leah eat lunch in the hook on chair that Elijah normally uses. It's gotten kind of annoying having him in a chair that he can't get in and out of by himself, so I've moved him to a regular chair for lunch (he was already using a regular chair for dinner at the dining room table). Leah was thrilled to be sitting with us!!

Elijah is doing really well with the potty training these days! I'm impressed, and we are taking it pretty slow. Even though I despise the idea of Pull-ups we are using them with much success. I think Elijah will certainly be ready for preschool in August.

Leah is starting to talk! She says 'hi', 'bye-bye', 'dada', 'mum mum' (request to nurse), and 'boo!' She also is starting to stand for milliseconds at a time, and she occasionally pulls up on something.

Saturday is Elijah's birthday, so look for pictures in a few days!! He's having a John Deere tractor party.


Britta said...

Kaia was just as thrilled when we had her eat at the table with us for the first time. So cute.