Thursday, April 16, 2009

Playdate with Jed

First off, my azaleas are in bloom, and they are SOOOO pretty!! I love them!

Yesterday, the kids were playing Winnie-the-Pooh, and I happen to have Tigger and Piglet costumes... The Tigger is 18 months size, and Piglet is a 2T. Elijah wore the Tigger and HANNAH wore the Piglet w/ the legs unsnapped. The sleeves came to her elbows and the legs came to her waist. Anyway, when the big kids were done, Leah wanted to try on Piglet as well.

Today I watched Jed for 90 minutes while his Mommy had a doctors appointment.

Jed is about 6 months older than Leah, and as always, they had a good time. Lots of parallel play going on with these two!!

Leah was posing. She loves to see the pictures on the camera display.

They had a grand time looking through the mailbox at each other.

Jed couldn't resist the John Deere! Too bad it wasn't outside and it didn't have the battery in it. I'm not sure I trust a newly 2 year old's driving skills...


NessaAnn said...

Aw, my Jed! Thanks so much for the babysitting and especially for the cute photos! I love how in the vast majority of photos he is completely deadpan. That's my kid, just a bundle of public smiles. ha ha ha! Leah is such a perfect little friend for him, I can't wait until they get a little older and they can really hit it off.

NessaAnn said...

PS Your backyard is cool.