Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Projects (Tackle it Wednesday!!)

After the ice storm, we had our electric line run underground. They cut a 20 inch trench out of our patio... I'm not in the mood to pay for a new patio, so I decided I could fix it myself. I also wanted to get my container garden ready for the herbs and veggies I'm planting this year.

The dogwood is in bloom, so I have the requisit photo of that :)

It's hard to tell, but there is hardly ANY sand in the kids' sandbox... that will soon be remedied! However, I forgot the after photo, so just pretend that it's now brimming with sand :)

Leah and I trekked to Walmart at 8:40 this morning and bought 10 pavers, 10 bags of playsand (4 went straight into the sandbox), and 8 bags of organic potting soil.

Last years' containers were emptied into the trench along with 6 bags of sand. This is all a lot of fun with a toddler sitting on your supplies :)

Little Miss Can't-Keep-Her-Shoes-On

Elijah was very interested in the 'helicopter' seeds from all the maple trees (those things are like WEEDS!)

Typical of Leah...

Practically DONE! I still need 2 more pavers because I didn't bother to measure :) The containers are ready for planting! My plants will arrive in about a week (I buy the veggie plants from the kids' school fund raiser). I even bought 7 foot stakes for the spiral tomato cages I ordered (talk about exciting!!).

Hannah and I planted the herb seeds this afternoon. We planted basil, cilantro, and oregano (a perrenial!)

We transplanted a few daisies and mini-sunflowers we started inside. I imagine we'll have some more to transplant soon. We also started some BIG sunflowers that we will be planting along the fence line. Apparently honeybees really like sunflowers, and we want to do our part to save the honeybees!!

Tackle It Tuesday Meme


Suzanne said...

You are ambitious and strong! I can't believe you got all those supplies from Wal-Mart home with Leah.