Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We didn't make it to church because I'm sick, so no pics of cute dress clothes... They'll wear them next week.

We colored and decorated eggs yesterday

The kids really enjoyed that

I'm not sure we can eat 18 hard boiled eggs this week though... We've eaten 3 so far :)

The Easter baskets. Elijah got a Wii Diego game, Hannah got a couple of Reader Rabbit games for the computer, and Leah got some Sandra Boynton board books... as well as candy and bunnies

The egg hunt starts

I had them go one at a time

and limited them to 10 eggs each turn

That way Elijah would actually get to FIND some of the eggs!

I love this action shot... he just spotted an egg!

Elijah did better than I expected... he's typically not a great finder

Leah woke up at this point

Chocolate for breakfast!!!

Here Leah, have some M&M's

Leah picked up on the egg finding pretty quickly

See the azaleas out the window?? Pretty!

empying the loot from the eggs

that's a lot of candy!!!


Suzanne said...

I hope you feel better soon. Happy Easter!