Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Family Night

We've been having Family Night on Mondays for the past 4 weeks, and the kids think it is the BEST thing ever! We read some books, sing some songs, play a board game, and eat something sweet that is usually made special for that night. The kids rotate what they are in charge of. This week Hannah picked the book, Elijah picked the game (and helped me make the brownies), and I'm not sure we sang a song :)

Elijah picked Go Fish for the game...



Then the sun came out from behind the storm clouds, and there was a GORGEOUS rainbow.

Then the storm clouds gathered in the dining room... This is what typically happens during our Family Night, Elijah gets mad about something. He was mad that he didn't win (only he really DID win, but apparently he wanted to be grumpy about something!).


Suzanne said...

There is something wonderful about setting aside a night to have Family Home Evening. Very cool!