Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break - Day 3

This wasn't taken today, but it's such a great picture I just had to post it! I took this picture because I have a picture of Hannah wearing the same shirt and hair clip...

Hannah looks like Hannah :)

Today was day three of spring break and we took a day trip to Metropolis, IL which is just across the Ohio River from Paducah, KY. My friend, Emily, from MN was visiting in Metropolis and we decided that was close enough to go see her and her kids. It took us 3 hours to get there, but it should have been shorter. One of the highways that I needed to take was not named on Google maps, and that caused us to take a US highway that meandered through several small towns... Our return trip was about 50 minutes shorter!

Elijah saw his first real live moving train! I'm not sure why or how, but he had managed to never see one before. He was pretty excited and amazed at how long it was, and it wasn't even that long of a train.

We crossed the Ohio River going from IN to KY, the Tennessee River, and the Ohio River going from KY to IL. We could have just hopped on a boat and gone west on the Ohio... if that were an option.

The kids were great at travelling, so I think we will be taking more day trips now!! That's pretty exciting because there is a lot of neat stuff around here.

Here are the kids: Helen, Hannah, Jane, Delia, Henry, Elijah, and Leah

And the mommies: Keila, Emily, and me.

We had a GREAT time!!


emiLy said...

Yeah we did! Thanks so much for coming Brooke! Yay! It was amazing to meet you and your kids in real life.

I'm glad your return trip was shorter!

~Debbi~ said...

So excited for both of you. Since my kids are lousy travellers, I have to hope that other SCAPpers decide to head to our nation's capital this year so I can see them. So bummed we were sick when Venita was up here!

Tasha and Doug said...

Elijah's never seen a train moving? I'm very suprised, although there aren't a lot of trains around here. If you go on any good day trips let us know. I know there is a train near French Lick that you can ride. Elijah might like that! Did you see Superman?