Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break - Day 2

We spent the morning cleaning, cleaning, CLEANING. Hannah had invited her friend over for the afternoon, and our house was disgusting (typical). Hannah went to her house recently, and not only was it a HUGE, beautiful house, it was immaculate... So, we cleaned.

Daniela arrived at 1pm, and all 3 kids were terribly excited. Leah followed her around constantly saying, "Yewa" [for Daniela]. Elijah had a few 3 year old moments... but I supose those should be expected.

Tomorrow we are headed to a suburb of Paducah to visit an online friend of mine who lives in MN but who has headed south to see friends.


NessaAnn said...

What fun!!! Who are you going to see? If you have some time later this week we should all meet up at a park or something. Jed would love some friends to hang out with! And me, too!

NessaAnn said...

Also, we've been on a mad nesting/spring cleaning fest over here, too. For some reason, cleaning cupboards just feels so, so good. :c)