Friday, March 27, 2009

Hannah's hair

The hair blog that I read inspired me to try the french twist braid. Mine is messier, but it still turned out really cute!!

Considering that I've never mastered a regular french braid, I'm rather proud of this one :)


Suzanne said...

Hannah's hair looks great! Who knew there was a hair blog...but then again, with the internet anything is possible. If I had a girl, I bet I'd find a lot of inspiration on that blog.

~Debbi~ said...

If you could do this, you can definitely do the french braid. It's pretty easy. For a long time, I could only do it on someone else but finally figured out (maybe in college!) how to do my own. My arms would get so tired! Anyway, her hair looks so cute in these pics. Wish there were hair blogs when I was a little girl!