Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break - Day 1

Elijah is sick. He has a fever and is sleeping a lot... and not eating.

I took all three kids grocery shopping this morning (before I was 100% sure E was sick) which is always interesting. Leah was the problem child, which is happening more and more frequently as she approaches her 2nd birthday. It was a short trip since I didn't need too much, and the kids all got kitty tatoos from the Walmart greeter.

As I was cleaning out the fridge so I could put new groceries in there, I found a little bit of whipping cream that was still in date (unexpected that it was still good!). I almost tossed it, but decided we could make some butter. Hannah and I (mostly I) shook and shook and shook that cream until it turned to whipped cream and finally to butter and buttermilk. We squeezed it in a paper towel to get out the buttermilk, and turned it into a ball of butter (it made more than I expected). During the shaking, I read aloud from Little House in the Big Woods about churning butter. Hannah and I each had a piece of bread with our fresh butter, and it was quite tasty.

Hannah has invited a friend over tomorrow afternoon (assuming everyone is well, of course) so she's been helping me clean the house a bit... I've been doing laundry as well.

Elijah finally woke up and Leah just went down for nap part 2, so now I'm wondering if she's sick too... That would explain the extra crabbiness!

Hannah and Elijah are currently playing Star Wars Lego on the Wii, and I expect Pete will be home from work soon.

If everyone is healthy, we are planning on driving to Metropolis, IL (aka Paducah, KY) on Wednesday to meet a long time online friend of mine. It could be a lot of fun!!


Laura McIntyre said...

Hope the kids are feeling all right now.

The butter thing sounds interesting, i never even thought of trying to make my own like that before. Have heard people making breastmilk butter which also sounds fun to make for the kids