Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's time for Montessori pictures!!

Elijah is in his 2nd year of Montessori pre-primary. He REALLY wants to be in kindergarten, or even better, 1st grade with Hannah. He hates that she gets to do things before he does!

Elijah is counting spindles. He was not thrilled that he had to review all the old works from last year...

The school has a new nature trail, and Elijah's class took a nature walk.

Elijah is sewing an "M" sewing card.

Elijah practices writing his name. Not too many 2nd year students are interested in this, but Elijah is determined to get a writing journal like the kindergarteners!

Elijah snips tiny pieces of paper with scissors, and he brought home all those little pieces home to me... He really enjoys works that have a product.

Elijah is doing a 'land, water, air' activity. He's cutting the grass for his picture.

Elijah works with the ribbon calendar.

This was on a day where he told Hannah that he worked so long writing in his journal (YES! His teacher decided there was no reason a very interested 2nd year student couldn't have a journal... I'm pretty sure she's never had anyone interested in one. I'm not even sure all the kindergarteners WANT one.) Anyway, he spent "all morning" writing in his journal, and he hardly had any time to do any works... In this picture he's working on pin-punching, and on his right are the other works he's finished: weaving, one-drop, gluing w/ liquid glue, and gluing w/ glue stick. Hmm... so he brought home 5 works.

Now, we move on to Hannah's class...

The 1st graders are sitting inside the geodesic dome that the entire class constructed out of newspapers. Pretty cool!

Today was the elementary's first of many field trips. They went to a construction site to learn about shelter. The major focus of this year is the needs of man, and shelter is the first thing they are learning about.


Emily said...

Wonderful photos! My youngest is the same way - she wants to do all that her older sister does and more! lol It looks like a wonderful school! :)