Friday, August 21, 2009

Exercise in Randomness

Facebook has taken over my life, or so it seems. It has taken away much of my motivation to blog... But, I like to think of my blog as a journal, something that will be around for many years. So, I'm going to try to keep updating at least a few times a month...

We've definitely had an interesting week and a half! School started on August 12, and Hannah is now in first grade and Elijah is in his 2nd year of Montessori preschool (pre-kindergarten year).

Here are the kids on the first day of school.

Hannah has quite possibly the coolest teacher EVER! So, here are a few pictures from her class blog.

The class on the new nature trail behind the school (Hannah is at the back in the blue skirt)

Mr. R explains something to the class

Hannah and her friends build a house for their shoes using gum drops and toothpicks.

Here is Elijah working on our traditional beginning of school bag decorating project. All the kids at Montessori have identical school bags, so decorating them is an easy way to know you have the right bag at the end of the school day.

Leah will be starting preschool (though not Montessori, since she won't be 3 for another year) after Labor Day, so she needed a school bag too.

Elijah and I made a Lego tower that reached the ceiling!

Not to be outdone, Hannah had to try her hand at it as well.

Last Saturday, when there was a 0% chance of rain, we had a nice little rain storm... and the kids splashed in the puddles and generally got soaking wet.


On Monday, my dryer broke in the middle of laundry day... so I had to buy a new dryer. It wouldn't be delivered for 2 days, so I got a clothes line as well.

Elijah and I made an 'airplane' from a diaper box

The beautiful NEW dryer... it's pretty amazing ;)

Leah and Elijah wanted to do some preschool stuff at home, so we

played with play-doh

painted at the easels

and poured beans.


Today, Hannah and I discovered MORE than THIRTY cicada shells on our crabapple tree. I guess we just had one of those 17 year cycles!


Emily said...

I, too, have been on Facebook more than blogging! I need to be on here more - I miss blogging and posting more journal-like posts. Hope all is well with you! I enjoyed looking at your photos!