Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekend Projects

Hannah wanted to make slime out of cornstarch and water, so we did.

Elijah, who really doesn't like to get his hands dirty, was fairly unimpressed (I don't blame him!)

Hannah, on the other hand, had a great time with it!

Just look at that delight in her eyes :)

Since the leaves are starting to fall, I decided it was time to create my new garden for next year. I'm doing a combination square-foot and lasagne garden. The lasagne garden is just layering leaves and grass clippings right on the bed to create compost to plant in. We have SO MANY LEAVES in the fall, this shouldn't be too hard for us. I'm going to plant it like a sqare foot garden, because that just makes the most sense to me. My container garden just didn't produce like I had hoped it would... Gardening is definitely a learning experience! Oh, I almost forgot... the supplies to build my garden bed were free! The previous owners of our house left the wood and bricks... though I did go and buy some peat moss to get started.
Next year, I think I'll fill the bigger pots with flowers and let the kids take care of them.


Emily said...

It really does look like she is having so much fun! lol

I love your garden! I would love to have a garden next year!