Thursday, February 12, 2009

Two Weeks and counting (but who's counting?)

We have had some progress, so I guess I should be thankful for that. The brick mason did his work in a couple of hours last Friday. Nothing happened over the weekend. On Monday and Tuesday the electrician did all of his work to get our power underground. Now we are just waiting on Vectren (power company) to come out and finish the work which included digging a 70 foot trench (which we get to pay for by the foot) and laying the electric line. We had hoped that would start yesterday, but we had a massive storm roll through instead. We had two 30 minute bouts of the strongest rain I've ever witnessed along with sustained 40 mph winds gusting to 50 mph. It was a blast, let me tell you. As I was going to pick up Elijah I noticed some of the stop lights were out (not flashing, but totally out) and I wondered if the school had power. Nope, Montessori had lost power, so I picked Hannah up at 1/2 day as well. Thankfully, the condo still had power, because that would have just been a cruel fate! Hannah had art lessons at 4:30, so I dragged the kids out into the wind (the wind alert was supposed to end at 5pm, so I thought it should be dying down a bit). It was a little rainy, so Hannah and Elijah had on their raincoats and Leah and I were under the umbrella. I instructed Hannah to hold Elijah's hand while we walked to the car. The next thing I knew both kids were sprawled on the parking lot because the wind had literally swept them off their feet!! I was fighting the wind while holding Leah and the umbrella (brilliant idea that was) and I encouraged the kids to get up quickly and get to the van. Then Elijah lost his shoe... We did finally get in the van which felt like it was going to topple over in the wind. Thankfully, once we started driving the wind didn't seem too bad.
We are hoping that Vectren will start working today or tomorrow at the latest because we are beyond ready to move out of the condo. Our benefactor will return on Monday, and we really need to be out and have the place cleaned up for her (an all day event I'm sure!!).