Monday, February 23, 2009

The tooth, it is history!

Hannah first noticed her tooth was loose way back on January 8th. It has gotten progressivly looser and looser. We had tried pulling it a few weeks ago, but it wasn't ready. Today, when I checked it, I wasn't sure what exactly was keeping it in her mouth! It was super loose. Hannah was dying to be the second kid in her class to loose a tooth, but Zach lost his yesterday... Walker has lost about a half dozen at this point. After dinner, I was determined to pull the darn thing, and Hannah was determined that I wouldn't. She was afraid it would hurt and bleed.

This was Hannah's response to me wanting to pull her tooth.

After, oh an hour, of trying to pry her mouth open, I found a bribe that worked!! If she let me try now, we'd have time before bed to read a chapter in the next Ramona book.

Here is the dental floss tied around her tooth... then YANK! The floss came away with nothing attached, but the tooth was laying on Hannah's lip.

Hugs and kisses!!!!

One less tooth (kind of, because the new tooth is already halfway in!!)

baby tooth

Leah announced to me that she needed to go, and she was right!!!!

I put the tent up for the kids on Saturday and they were very pleased!

Elijah showing his kitty

Miss Leah with her kitty.


Anonymous said...

I had to come over and get the whole story after seeing the photos on Facebook (since you were wrangling her like a oiled pig and all)! Yay for Hannah. Sweet BIG girl :) And Leah! OMG Leah is growing so fast!