Sunday, February 15, 2009

Because pictures have been lacking!!

Hannah played in the snow for a little while before she got too cold.

Here's the walk I shovelled. At the time I felt compelled to shovel the front walk even though we NEVER use the front walk... but after the power went out and we couldn't go through the garage, I was glad I'd shovelled the walk!!! There was still 2 inches of ice, but I'd removed 6 inches of snow...

The happy family enjoying their snow day... before the power went out.

The kids eating lunch after the power went out and the house was cooling off.

Our poor tree!!!

The damage that caused all the problem. We never thought THIS would cause us to be without power for 17 days!

Hannah hogging the other kids' Valentine gifts.

Elijah tickling Leah

Elijah trying to escape the flash on the camera

A natural light picture... I wanted a picture of his hair. Everyone at church went crazy over it today :)


Anonymous said...

Oh his HAIR! He has hair! I love it! I also LOVE the photos of the big kids sitting at the table with their hats on. Priceless and hilarious.