Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Tooth Extraction Nightmare

Hannah's two front teeth have been loose for about a year. They were pretty darn loose, but they had been pushed so far forward by the new teeth that the roots in front were wedged into the jawbone. Try as we might, we couldn't get those teeth out! So, we went to the dentist, and Hannah was VERY nervous about the whole thing.

Here you can see the snaggle teeth, but you can't see how far forward they've been pushed.

Yikes!! Teeth shouldn't stick out at that angle!

I had planned on taking a picture while we were at the dentist office, but I was too busy trying to pin Hannah down! She is one STRONG kid... I guess she gets that wirey strength from her dad. She was bribed and talked to and bribed some more, but Hannah was as uncooperative as I've EVER seen her. After her gums were numbed (no shots, just swabbed w/ benzocain) the dentist had the fabulous idea to have Hannah push on her own teeth. They cracked and make horrible noises... She wouldn't let the dentist use his "grabbers", so he ended up yanking them out by hand. It was pretty horrible, but the dentist and his assistant were very nice.

Here is the cupcake that Hannah was bribed with by the dental assistant... It's so pretty!

Here are the extracted teeth.

Here's Hannah's new smile :)


Laura McIntyre said...

Brave little girl :) Sorry it was such a horrible experience for her , hope her adult teeth prove to be as strong