Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's Official...

Leah really is a 2 year old!

This is what 2, 3, and 4 year olds do... They crash after refusing to take their nap. This is the first time Leah has done this, so it's a real milestone for her!

Elijah is still doing it... I found him like this Friday at dinner time. Believe me, finding your pre-schooler like this at dinner time is a BAD thing. At least Leah had the decency to nap earlier in the afternoon.

Here's a few other pictures to share

A princess tea party

An angry jester

A stinky trip through Amazonia at the zoo (Elijah is holding his nose)

And the puzzles we put together for Family Night. Elijah "helped" Pete put together the 100 piece Hello Kitty, Hannah put together the 100 piece Littlest Petshop (all by herself, and she's proud for persevering), Pete put together a 60 piece John Deere, and I put together the 24 piece Little Einsteins, the 24 piece Cars, and the other 60 piece John Deere (with a little help from Leah).


NessaAnn said...

Hm... Jed must still not be two... He never crashes. Even at night he will still be up past midnight if we don't put him to bed! He just keeps going and going and going....