Friday, June 26, 2009

A new project

I promised Hannah some time ago that when Leah turned two years old, we'd turn the toy room into the girls' bedroom and they could share a room. Well, Leah will be 2 in just a few weeks, so the process has begun!

Of course, I decided the project MUST get started during the time that Pete is teaching his intensive 12 day summer course... he didn't even come home last night because he was busy grading papers. Therefore, all painting must happen after the kids go to sleep.

The kids and I trekked to Lowe's yesterday and bought painting supplies. That was a blast because Leah decided she needed a nap, and I had to carry her limp, sleeping body through the store while pushing the other two in the huge basket that holds three kids. Thankfully, the paint section was right up front!

We inherited a twin mattress which will be for the top bunk of the not-yet-bought-bunkbeds (full size on the bottom)

I failed to take any pictures before I took stuff off the walls, here's the 'before' picture of the north wall.

Many toys are already packed up in those gray boxes... 'before' pic of the west wall.

everything moved to the middle!

We had a church activity last night, so the kids got to bed late, and I didn't get started until even later. I didn't get to open the can of paint until 10pm, so I didn't get too much done...

but it's a start, and Hannah was VERY excited about it this morning!!


Suzanne said...

You are amazing. You and Jolene late night painters.

Laura McIntyre said...

Cannot wait to see the finished room and hear how the girls get on sharing.