Friday, June 5, 2009

Catching up!!

I can't believe I haven't blogged in about 3 weeks!! It's been pretty busy, so I'll catch everyone up with lots of pictures.

Hannah finished kindergarten!! Here she is with her teacher, Ms Beth.

Elijah refused to smile for his picture with Miss Sarah, so this is the best I got...

Hannah, however, was willing to smile and sit in Miss Sarah's lap!!

The grandparents came to visit and Grandpa took lots of great pictures of the kids.

Hannah was VERY happy with the fairy necklace Ms Beth gave her for kindergarten graduation.

The Double Paci...

Memorial Day picnic with Zack and Walker

This is what happens when you stand up on the moving merry-go-round when there's a GIANT mud puddle surrounding it... He was more upset about being dirty than falling off.

We saw these silos on the way home from the picnic and had to take pictures!

Walker's mom took a couple of pictures at the Chuck E Cheese field trip on the last day of school. Here are Hannah, Walker, Mason, and Elijah.

Hannah, Daniela, and Walker... We will certainly miss having them in class with Hannah next year!!!


Suzanne said...

We have that same picture of the silo canisters! It's so nice to see what you've been up to.