Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kid Updates

Here is Hannah just before the "Bedlam" game. Of course, OU beat us, but OSU scored an amazing amount of points as well (61 to 41 was the final, and that's a LOT of touchdowns, my friends). For the record, Hannah is holding her hands like pistols not #1.

Here's Elijah trying on last year's snow pants and his brand new snow boots. He was VERY excited and said he looked like a farmer. Now we're ready for some snow!!! At least the kids are. We've had several days of flurries, but no real accumulation.

Here is the terror of the group. Notice the new trash can? Nice, huh? She hasn't figured out how to open it just yet. In this picture she showing off her new found ability to open the pantry. I put a babyproof latch on it tonight and showed the other two how it works... I'm afraid Leah will figure it out on her own. This one is too smart! She's mechanical and is good at figuring things out. Hopefully by the time she's figured out how to disable the babyproofing, she won't be such a mess maker. I can dream anyway.


Lori Beth said...

Beware...we have that same garbage can and Kelsey's been able to open it for a while now, which is why my garbage can is now in the dining room on the other side of the gates! One of my friends put a baby proof latch on hers and it seems to work (if it comes to that)