Friday, December 12, 2008


Our church hosts a Creche Exhibit every year, and they typically have about 500 nativities set up. My friend, Michael took the pictures for the official website, actually, he designed the website as well!

Here's the largest nativity that I've ever seen. I can't wait to get a better look at it (when I'm not carrying Leah).
This morning, I stopped by to drop off some cookies and look around before it got too busy. Somehow I got wrangled into being in the live nativity that evening!

Angel Hannah, Angel Leah (holding naked Baby Jesus), and shepherd Elijah (with his trusty Lamby)

I left my real camera with my coat, so this what I got (taken with my cell phone, of course).

Tomorrow morning, Hannah will be singing with all the other kids from church, so I'll try to get some more pictures then.


NessaAnn said...

Hey, that shepherd is calling us all to repentance! I know that look of righteous indignation. :c)

Suzanne said...

Hi Brooke,

I'm so glad I popped in on this post. Jolene had told me about Creche but I missed it last year. Walker and I went today and really enjoyed ourselves. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Neat! I love that bottom photo of Eli :)