Saturday, November 6, 2010

Make up blog for May

In May the kids and I went to beautiful Nauvoo, Illinois


Here's a good view of Hannah wearing her boot. Turns out she had torn a tendon in her foot. I think she wore it for about 6 weeks, and we were all quite glad when she was able to go without.

Nauvoo was QUITE cool when we were there (highs in the 60's), and we were unprepared... so I had to buy hoodies as soon as we arrived. The smallest sweatshirts I could find were youth mediums (size 10-12), so Elijah and especially Leah were drowning in their hoodies.


When we got back, Hannah continued to wear her prairie bonnet EVERYWHERE for the next couple of weeks.


Hannah had her first piano recital, and she REALLY enjoyed it. She's a shy kid, so it was surprising how much she likes to perform for an audience.


Brownies wrapped up for the school year, and Hannah added quite a few badges to her vest over the summer


The school year wrapped up as well. Here is Elijah with Ms Sarah


...and Hannah with Mr. R (note the prairie bonnet) . You can get a bit of a feel for how neat the elementary class room is. There are NO desks :)