Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 2010!

I can't believe I haven't posted in over a month! The holidays are crazy, for sure. We had a lovely Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, then went to Oklahoma (via Kansas for a quick 'hi' to the cousins) for Christmas. We celebrated New Year's London time (6pm here) and had a fun little party, and everyone was able to go to be at a decent hour! Pete is currently watching the Cotton Bowl, live and in person at the "Jerry Dome". He'll be back tomorrow and we'll head home. The kids will miss the first day back to school, but I don't think they'll mind too much :)

Then it's back to our regularly scheduled programming, school for the kids, teaching for Pete, and domestic chores for myself.

I'm not one to write real New Year's resolutions, but before we left I decided to get my house in order (clean!) and keep it that way. I spent the week before we left doing just that. I hope to keep with the system I started (it's supposed to take 21 days to create a habit), and spend less time goofing off on the computer :)

Happy New Year to all!! Oh, and just so you know all the cool kids are calling this year "twenty-ten" (as opposed to two thousand ten).


Momtothreebabies said...

i nominated you for an award!!!
i love to read your blog!
love, jl