Friday, November 6, 2009

We Got a Piano!!!

I've always wanted a piano, and now I finally have one!

I took a year of piano lessons in 5th grade, but we didn't have a piano at home. So, I got permission to use a piano at school and I practiced during lunch recess.

Hannah and Elijah have been asking to take piano lessons for a while now, and I was debating on what to buy. I could get a $200 keyboard at Target which would probably be fine, or maybe a nice digital piano... both would allow the kids to practice wearing headphones. But I finally decided I wanted a REAL piano.

On Wednesday, I went to a local music store (I wasn't even sure they'd have pianos) just to look. The rest is history, I guess!

The piano teacher has been called, and hopefully she can fit in both kids (she thinks it's iffy about Elijah starting lessons... so I may try and find a Suzuki method teacher for him)

I ordered a couple of John Thomson (red books) piano books that I used, and they should arrive today. I can't wait!

I decided to surprise the kids, so I didn't tell them about the piano. Leah really liked it, and played for a good 15 minutes. Elijah was very surprised, but only played for a few minutes. After he realized he couldn't play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, he decided to do something else. I can't wait to see how Hannah reacts. This morning she told me she couldn't wait until we got a piano, and we walked around the house deciding where we should put a piano. She decided the entry way was the "only" place we had. I think she'll be surprised to see it where the rocker used to be.






Nay said...

how fun~ I'm sure you guys will enjoy having a piano in your house.

This is the little workbook we use and have enjoyed it-might work good for your little 2 kiddos

Emily said...

How exciting!! I am sure it is going to bring you all much joy! :)