Saturday, July 25, 2009

Update's on the girls' room

I've done a LOT of work since we got home (the painting was a lot of work right before we left!!)

This one shows the windows pretty well, but all the primary colored stuff got moved to Elijah's room today... and the storage boxes were emptied.

Here's the bunk beds.

Today, I got a cute rug and pastel toy bins, but I still need to get a white dresser and a white book case... then I'll post some final pictures.


Laura McIntyre said...

The room looks great , now will the girls actually sleep in it ? Lol

I love all the recent pictures, Leah is just so adorable and BIG. I still think of her as your baby and forget she is only a few months younger than Eilidh really

Heather said...

Where did you end up buying the beds? We are looking for a new bed for Lucy so Tru & Pen can move into the bunk beds (Penny has soooo outgrown her toddler bed, it's sad).