Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Road Trip to OKC

We left town at 4:45 am, and by 5am the sky was already starting to get light! This picture was taken at 6:03 am... At least driving in daylight is a lot easier than driving in the dark.

We reached St Louis around 8am, just in time for rush hour traffic. (By the way this is my first attempt in a long time to take pictures from a moving vehicle... it's not as easy as you might think!!)

Leah, who was not alway THIS happy during the trip.

Elijah, doing his best to keep himself occupied.

Long legged Hannah :)

Pete wasn't terrible happy with the profile picture, but he was driving...


Sign for the Will Rogers Turnpike... I just love paying a hefty toll for a poorly maintained highway.

Seeing the Animal Planet truck was probably the highlight of the trek to OK.

Later, I'll post pictures of Momma's house... the pool, the 4th of July, Elijah's birthday party, etc.


Lori Beth said...

How cute they all look snoozin'. We left on our road trip at the same time, but Kelsey woke up when we put her in the car. Luckily after about 30 min she fell back asleep for about 2 hours. Love all of Leah's teeth showing in her smile!!

Knotty Britta said...

how rare it is to have 3 sleeping at once! It almost never happens with my 2!

Anonymous said...

That Animal Planet truck was hilarious. Perhaps it's my lack-of-sleep-state, but I rolled when I saw it. What a nice sight to follow - an animal rumpus.

TracyKM said...

It's so great when all 3 sleep at once! (I was surprised to see Leah facing forward; I thought for a moment that they were all facing backwards, LOL). We're petrified about making long trips (longer than 4 hours), almost wish we had a van to split them up instead of 3 all together on the one bench. Leah is very cute!